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Dr. Yasmeen Moustafa Ahmed /Lecturer

Nahda University in Beni-Suef

Dr. Yasmeen Moustafa Ahmed received her PhD Degree and Master degree from Beni-seuf University respectively in 2019 and in 2015. Now she is a Lecturer at department of pharmacology, Nahda University in Beni-Suef (NUB), and is charge of  teaching Pharmacology, Toxicology and Forensic Chemistry, Drug Interactions courses. Dr. Yasmeen Moustafa Ahmed has also a wealth of research experience, including Isolated organ (In-Vitro) Preparations, Induction of diabetes mellitus type I and type II with fatty diet, Induction of sciatic nerve model, Induction of NAFD animal mode etc. and published more 10 articles in international journals. She attended the Annual specialized clinical pediatric nutrition congress (2020), 7th international conference faculty of pharmacy, Cairo (2016) academic conference. She is now the reviewer of “Pulmonary Pharmacology and Therapeutics”, “Frontiers in Marine Science” and Editorial board member for “Journal of Chronic Disease and Research”.